Lockpick Village

Lockpicking competition

Have you ever wanted to open a locked door like you see spies do in the movies? If so, then visit the Lockpick Village at the BSides Asheville Information Security Conference. The Lockpick Village is a special area of the conference where attendees can learn about locks, lockpicking, and physical security‏. At the Lockpick Village experts from Fox Pick will explain the vulnerabilities in various locking devices, including common padlocks and standard door locks. By exploring the faults and flaws in these popular lock designs, you prepare yourself not only for possible work in the red teaming field, but also gain more knowledge about the best methods and practices for protecting your own infrastructure and personal property.

Participants at the Lockpick Village will have the opportunity to test their lockpicking skills in a timed competition. To complete this competition the participant must successfully pick 3 locks, which progressively get more difficult. The participant with the best time will be awarded a prize and bragging rights. What’s better than winning a competition with your newly acquired talents? Do you have what it takes to pick a lock under pressure?

Lock picking and hacking are closely related. Both techniques require patience and you might not be successful at first, but with time and dedication it can be mastered. If you want to master your lockpicking skills, then stop by BSides Asheville's Lockpick Village to hone your technique.